MAPA Group is a commercial business development team of equals. We identify future trends, articulate technology, and practice policy innovation. We create alliances, enable relationships, stand up precedent-setting projects, and strive to transform and inspire.

What We Do

  • We are a purpose-driven, international business development consultancy with a successful track record spanning two decades
  • We believe in contributing to sustaining, triple bottom-line, local living economies
  • We embrace & encourage intellectual, cultural, neighborhood and geopolitical diversity
  • We define & execute next generation, precedent-setting projects that serve as “steel in the ground” development models
  • We translate incoming, over-the-horizon technologies into profitable business ventures while helping to create good family and community sustaining jobs
  • We connect the dots through “Doing Well by Doing Good” business practices by balancing both and prioritizing doing good before doing well
  • We transparently advance the business and societal interests of our clients, allies, networks, and adopted causes
  • We practice leadership by example on a 24/7 basis backed up by meritocratic ownership of results through performance

MAPA Group

MAPA Incorporated

Washington, DC
founding company

MAPA Group is composed of:

Mondragon International North America, Inc.
MAPA Atlanta LLC

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