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The Case for Worker Co-ops | NYT Economix Blog

By Nancy Folbre

Since many of our most prestigious economic institutions have embarrassed themselves at our expense over the last year, maybe it’s time to look around. Worker-owned and -managed businesses combine the romance of entrepreneurship with solid family values and commitment to community. What’s not to like?

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Workers of the World, Incorporate | NYT Economix Blog

By Nancy Folbre

On Oct. 27, the United Steelworkers announced an agreement with Mondragon International to move toward establishment of manufacturing cooperatives in the United States and Canada. Maybe this agreement represents a symbolic gesture that will not generate any significant economic benefits. Maybe it represents a step in the evolution of a new institutional form for the modern manufacturing firm. It certainly represents a new direction for the American labor movement.

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Keep Wealth Local | Report

The Keep Wealth Local: Shared Ownership and Wealth Control for Rural Communities report is part of the Wealth Creation in Rural America initiative, funded by the Ford Foundation. The aim of the initiative is to help low-wealth rural areas overcome their isolation and integrate into regional economies in ways that increase their own- ership and influence over various kinds of wealth. The initiative has produced nine previous papers, which can be found here. The goal of this report is to advance the initiative’s broad aim of creating a comprehensive framework of community ownership and wealth control models that enhance the social, ecological, and economic well-being of rural areas.

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Steelworkers Partner With World’s Largest Worker-Owned Co-Op | In These Times

By Lindsay Beyerstein

Big news from last week largely overlooked by the mainstream media: The United Steelworkers will join forces with MONDRAGON Internacional, S.A., the largest worker-owned cooperative in the world, to start worker-owned factories in Canada and the United States. “We see today’s agreement as a historic first step towards making union co-ops a viable business model that can create good jobs, empower workers, and support communities in the United States and Canada,” USW International President Leo W. Gerard said. “We need a new business model that invests in workers and invests in communities.”

Under the historic agreement, signed October 27, USW and Mondragon will try to integrate collective bargaining with Mondragon’s collective practices. The two sides have also pledged to explore new approaches to bargaining in order to encourage worker participation and labor/management cooperation.

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