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Will the Last Working Class Sucker In America Turn Out the Light?

This summer’s marathon national debt ceiling negotiations and the UK’s Murdoch-inspired tabloid scandal have a lot in common. Living losers seem more plentiful than past values and future winners. Yesterday’s treasured symbols and slogans are no more than yesterday’s discarded news. Rigid ideology as rationale honors playing chicken to perfection to prove a point in the political present. (more…)

Spanish-Based Energy Technology Manufacturer lands in Ohio

Photovoltaic Manufacturing Facility to Generate 330 Green Jobs

Columbus – Isofoton, a leading solar energy technology company, chose Napoleon, Ohio, as the new home for its North American manufacturing facility. Contingent upon state approvals, the Ohio Department of Development will offer assistance of $15.8 million to leverage Isofoton’s pledged $16.4 million investment in Ohio.


Little Monsters

Slithering into the 2012 elections, American politics are all about class warfare but on the scariest scale. In the space of seven years the needle has moved from Thomas Frank’s 2004 haunting query on why our working class chooses against its natural economic interests (‘What’s the Matter with Kansas?”), to pre-purchased revisionists like George Will (“Burning Down the House” – July 1st, 2011, Washington Post) blaming the ongoing economic recession on Fannie Mae and government policies without including Wall Street’s insider trading, client betraying financial punks front and center. (more…)


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