Heaven Prefers the Job Creators

Seen on the Street: the top one percent now sport a “members only” gold-plated lapel pin with the initials “JC” inscribed using blood-red conflict diamonds.

“JC” stands either for “Jesus Christ” or “Job Creators” depending on the eye of the beholder and the smirk of the wearer. The pin is produced as a charity tax write-off by worshipping “Oligarchy Prosperity Gospel” disciples who pray so that only victors get to gorge upon the spoils, the meek are consigned to rate-payer and renter castes, and inherited merit gets taxed at the capital gains 15 percent level with the goal of sparing hallowed wealth accumulators from the excessive burden of having to give back some of what they legally misappropriated.

In this vein, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to kill the bipartisan Senate payroll tax extension bill because job creators can’t handle the uncertainty of how much more they will have to pay to someone other than themselves. Taking a cue from the newly-formed Jobs Creators Alliance, representing the unalienable rights of the top one percent, the House vote shows that the nation is far better off exacerbating the neurotic uncertainty of its working classes over how to make small ends meet in these cold and starved times, over whether buying gas to travel to work is really a better bet than serving three healthy meals a day on the family table, or over whether saving for college or going to sleep knowing health care is an option are still options at all.

It’s no longer guns versus butter but entitlement versus predicament when the America we inhabit is more concerned about the tenor of its job creators’ ability to pursue happiness on a globalized basis than the lifestyle expectancy of those who occupy its streets. What kind of moral signal do we send when our political leaders feel they have not done enough to sacrifice the welfare of ninety-nine percent of their own people to pursue a new manifest destiny? These days, only the chosen few get their prayers answered to expand frontiers of financial faith and pull economic salvation from the Cloud, giving thanks that the system works, that they can legislate effectively against those children of obviously lesser gods.