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From Moral Hazard to Virtuous Cycle

If events of the last three years have taught us anything, it’s that America needs a new business plan. Main Street has suffered outsourcing, foreclosures and pink slips, while Wall Street has secured a taxpayer-financed lifeline and awarded its executives mega-bonuses. This doesn’t pass civic decency muster or the economic patriotism smell test. Fortunately, more enlightened national leaders are showing us another way.

At an event in Pittsburgh in October 2009, United Steelworkers International President, Leo Gerard, announced that his union was taking a historic first step to partner with Spain’s famed Mondragon Cooperative Corporation, the world’s largest worker-owned industrial cooperative, to transform manufacturing practices in North America.  (more…)

Reconstructing America’s Economic System Is Within Reach | Truthout

Excerpt from the introduction to the new paperback edition of “America Beyond Capitalism”:

The primary theoretical and strategic argument of America Beyond Capitalism is that an “evolutionary reconstruction” of the system is not only necessary but well within the range of long run possibility. The argument rests on three challenging assessments:

The first and foundational judgment is that (quite apart from other considerations) with the radical decline of organized labor as an institution from 35 percent of the labor force to 6.9 percent in the private sector (11.9 percent overall, and falling), a new progressive politics must ultimately build new institutional foundations to undergird its fundamental approach, or it will continue to remain in an essentially defensive and ultimately declining posture. (more…)

Cooperative businesses provide a new-old model for job growth | Christian Science Monitor

Co-ops worldwide represent much more than hippie grocery stores: They’re a fast-growing way to do business better in fields from finance to agriculture to industry. (more…)


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