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Energetx Composites exporting wind blade molds to Spain | Holland Sentinel

By Stephen Kloosterman, May 22, 2012

Holland’s Energetx Composites LLC started work Sunday exporting 11 molds used to create industrial-size wind turbine blades.

The molds — which range in size from 26 feet to 149 feet — are being shipped to Aeroblade, based in Minano, Spain, Energetx officials said in a prepared statement. (more…)

Responsible Private Equity Investors Revitalizing U.S. Manufacturing | Huffington Post

by Marco Trbovich

Private equity firms and their investors from Taft-Hartley and state pension funds offered compelling accounts of their success in securing profitable returns on investment in U.S. manufacturing — especially in the Midwest — at the Heartland Capital Strategies fourth and final Responsible Investment Forum, organized in collaboration with the Blue Green Alliance.

Read the post, including a section of some of MAPA’s work, from the Huffington Post.

The Midwest’s Manufacturing Conundrum | The Atlantic Cities

By Richard Florida May 11, 2012

America’s manufacturing revival is being hailed by a growing chorus of voices. Manufacturing jobs increased at their fastest rate in almost a year, according to data from the Institute for Supply Management (ISM). The Boston Consulting Group is forecasting the creation of between two and three million new manufacturing jobs by 2020, which will contribute an estimated $20 to $55 billion in added economic output per year. (The Bureau of Labor Statistics is less bullish, projecting just 357,000 new manufacturing jobs will be created over the next decade). (more…)

Locating American Manufacturing: Trends in the Geography of Production | Brookings Institution Report

This report from the Brookings Institution offers “the first comprehensive analysis ever of the metropolitan geography of U.S. manufacturing.”

They note, “the report begins by situating the present moment of U.S. manufacturing. It continues by reporting a series of often surprising descriptive trends affecting the nature and location of American production. Finally, it concludes by proposing geographic high-road policies for American manufacturing. These policies require a federal platform that is sensitive to the ways in which manufacturing differs geographically. They require state and local decisionmakers to take the lead in adapting the high-road approach to their specific needs. This policy prescription differs from the general business attraction incentives that have dominated state and local economic development policy. These incentives (which cost state and local treasuries $70 billion annually) are problematic because they reduce the revenue available to fund investments in training and technology—investments that are essential to a high-road approach.”

Find the report along with an interactive map and metropolitan profiles here.

Solar Energy: Napoleon’s Solar Campaign | Site Selection

Isofoton, based in Malaga, Spain, was formed in 1981 as a spin-off project at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. The global firm, which operates a factory in the Andalusia Technology Park in Malaga, formed Isofoton North America about 10 years ago with the idea of entering the U.S. market. Michael Peck, chairman of Isofoton North America, says the company’s management has long seen the U.S. market as a major opportunity, and spent three years validating the potential supply chain in Ohio before making the decision last year to locate in Napoleon, a town of about 10,000 located 40 miles (64 km.) southwest of Toledo. (more…)


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