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Corporations As People Or People-Owned Corporations?

The two most compelling emerging innovations to grace the “enlightened local living economy” movement are the growing awareness and adoption of “shared community ownership” models coupled with an evolving financial community dedicated to “responsible investing.” Shared community ownership refers to local stakeholders as the majority shareholders of privately held market-based corporations in various formats (cooperatives, credit unions, ESOPS, other employee-owned company models, and the newly emerging union-coop model launched last March 26th by the United Steelworkers Union, Mondragon and the Ohio Employee Ownership Center).

This is a growing, bipartisan, main street American “take back our sidewalks and our streets” movement right before our eyes, under our noses and in our capitalist hearts. (more…)

Steve Dubb: Why Building Community Wealth Is a Key Challenge to Corporate Power | Naked Capitalism

As resistance has grown to America’s widening gulf between the “1 percent” and the rest of the population, something new has exploded in America’s communities; “community wealth building” is an explicit strategy to democratize the ownership of wealth from the ground up. With traditional regulatory and tax-and-spend approaches faltering at every level, the notion that we should create new democratic economic institutions to build wealth, community by community, is quietly gaining traction. We now have the potential for larger and longer-term transformation throughout the nation. (more…)

Income Inequality Economics 101

Perhaps the two greatest sociopolitical myths of our time, those holding that America was moving first towards a post-industrialist and then towards a post-racist society, require a proper epitaph which may be written electorally this coming November. In retrospect, it turns out we are going nowhere with either.

On a positive note, manufacturing is coming back although a shadow of what it was and needs to be for a more complete economic recovery. Mrs. Merkel, while dead wrong on austerity policies as a way to help anyone but elites who thrive on passive income and want their loans paid back while working overtime to deprive paycheck serfs of any means or justification to do so, was right that her nation has emerged relatively unscathed to date from the 2008 financial sector-induced recession because “Germany is a country that still makes things.” It seems that in our national urge to invent complex social formulas to justify extreme positions that serve narrow interest groups, we have moved into a “post-shame” society where excessive getting justifies unconscionable gutting and the responsible pipers are not compelled to face public perp-walks or personal bank account claw-backs for the siren songs that have ensnared us all. (more…)


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