215 members of Fagor Electrodomésticos already relocated in other MONDRAGON cooperatives

215 members of Fagor Electrodomésticos already relocated in other MONDRAGON cooperatives.

500 more relocations to other group cooperatives forecast over the next six months.

The group of candidates for early retirement based on Lagun-Aro EPSV regulations rises to 300 people.

To date, 215 members of Fagor Electrodomésticos are already working in other cooperatives in the MONDRAGON Corporation. The Corporation has therefore maintained its firm commitment to employment, as just one month after it was announced that Fagor Electrodomésticos was in an arrangement with creditors, it has already succeeded in relocating over 200 members.

It is also establishing a plan that points to 500 new relocations over the next six months, due to the extraordinary response from cooperatives in the group, particularly in the Industry area, who have offered new posts to help solve the employee surplus caused by the financial crisis at Fagor Electrodomésticos. Furthermore, additional efforts by the Distribution area are awaiting confirmation, and its capacity for receiving members will also contribute to providing employment solutions.

In addition, and in accordance with current Lagun-Aro EPSV regulations, it is predicted that the group of candidates for early retirement among members of Fagor Electrodomésticos stands at approximately 300 people.

This way, the Corporation is trying to provide solidarity and a cooperative response to the employment problem through relocations and early retirements, thereby complying with its established aim of offering solutions to a group of between 1,000 and 1,200 people over the next few months.

Coordinated management

The MONDRAGON Corporation is working hard in a coordinated manner through Lagun-Aro EPSV, the Corporate Employment Office, Fagor Electrodomésticos and the other cooperatives.

Several temporary and permanent options which may help to find positions for the employee surplus created by the financial crisis at Fagor Electrodomésticos are currently being assessed.

The Corporation has a long history of generating employment and all divisions are currently following this policy. The diversity of sectors and markets in which the cooperatives operate guarantees that in the short- to medium-term new activity will continue to be generated, resulting in new employment opportunities. The fact that the businesses are competitive in their respective markets is always good news, and particularly now, because this will create options for solving the employee surplus from Fagor Electrodomésticos.

Arrasate, 22 November 2013


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