MONDRAGON Corporation opens a period of reflection to plan its future

Txema Gisasola has resigned as President of the General Council, for personal reasons.

The basic characteristics of the future MONDRAGON model will be outlined during this period.

The new President of the General Council will be appointed once the establishment of the new framework project for MONDRAGON has come to an end.

Mondragón, 17 January 2014.- The co-operatives forming part of MONDRAGON Corporation have begun a period of analysis and reflection to design the general framework of action for the next few years. The first step has been to set up a team made up of managers from different co-operatives and areas of the Corporation which is in charge of carrying out an assessment of the current situation, identifying the key lines of action and drawing up the road map to be followed over the next few years.

This period has started after the resignation of the current President of the General Council, Txema Gisasola, for personal reasons. In his farewell, he vindicated the principles of “solidarity, effort, competitiveness, technological innovation and commitment to the community” as cornerstones of the essence of MONDRAGON’s co-operatives and mainstays for the future.

The new President of the General Council will be appointed once the establishment of the new framework project for MONDRAGON has come to an end.

Interim Management Committee

The resignation of the current President will be dealt with immediately by setting up an Interim Committee, at the heart of the General Council, to ensure the operation of the Corporation’s services and establish the bases on which all the members of all the Corporation’s co-operatives can decide what MONDRAGON will be like in the future. These framework lines of action will be presented to the 2014 Congress by the new President, who will lead the Group in the coming years.

In the current situation of economic crisis, MONDRAGON Corporation believes it is necessary to undertake this period of “collective analysis, reflection and debate” in order to tackle confidently the challenge presented by the global economic crisis.

The Corporation completely reasserts its trust in the Co-operative Model, as a driving force for generating wealth, and is firmly committed to the future of the community it is part of.

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