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Millennials and the Bondage Economy

This year’s Oscar award winning film, “Twelve Years a Slave,” positions the past as prologue. America’s stakeholder versus shareholder dichotomy has grown as large as the .01 percent versus 99.09 percent national economic class divide resulting in the unholy trinity of rising and suffocating inequalities (income and wealth, social mobility and opportunity). Economists and business leaders are beginning to measure GNP net effects but still in their rear view mirrors.

Instead of “masters,” we have local and national oligarchs and plutocrats who prove that corporations are persons and that every dollar equates to a vote by renting elections, journalists, politicians and Supreme Court judges with impunity. U.S. Chamber of Commerce “bundlers” dismember, outsource and off-shore means of production without paying U.S. taxes or creating domestic jobs while Wall Street “Flash Boys” tilt the national trading playing field so steeply that it becomes a no-way-back ravine from greedy gulch.

Similarities abound between today’s declining civic ethos and mid nineteenth century,  pre Civil War era human flesh markets starting with America’s contemporary desperation class composed of  minimum wage workers toiling in America’s most praised corporations (e.g. Wal-Mart & McDonalds) who need public sector-funded food stamps to make basic ends meet. (more…)


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