In the 1980s and 1990s, Spain was leading Europe in building out Latin American infrastructure (energy, finance, transportation, and telecommunication sectors). MAPA Group envisioned an emerging Americas marketplace for “Iberoamerican” companies from both Spain and the U.S. with these two countries as the leading global investors in the region and exchanging best practices on a continental-wide basis. Beginning in 1994, MAPA Group worked to develop common themes, forward-looking policy suggestions, technology insertion, and North American business alliances to help our clients achieve commercial success starting first with this vision and then moving to practical applications and projects.

MAPA Group’s initial operations focused primarily on commercial Spanish and Latin American markets by introducing a concept we branded as the “triangulated Iberoamerican marketplace.” By recognizing and working with the leading infrastructure, energy, telecommunications, financial and technology companies in these markets, and developing opportunities for U.S. expansion, MAPA Group identified synergies that were mutually beneficial to both public sector and U.S. commercial interests.

Throughout this process, MAPA Group defined an eclectic and results-driven approach to building U.S. marketplace presence for our clients. Over the past 20 years, Spanish companies have responded to MAPA Group’s “Iberoamerican” marketplace vision that includes best practices and identification of unique business development opportunities involving new relationships between Spain, Latin America, and the United States. As a result of this vision, to date MAPA Group’s clients have included leading Spanish multinationals in the wind energy, solar energy, electric utility, industrial manufacturing, banking, transportation concession, services, construction, and research sectors.

As we complete our twentieth year, MAPA Group is expanding this vision with strategic partners beyond the Iberoamerican marketplace to include multinational corporations seeking to utilize our distinct capabilities to connect their unique technical expertise and enlightened corporate visions with emerging North American marketplace requirements and opportunities. Together, acting as partners, the MAPA Group network seeks to frame a purpose-driven and sustainable economy as thought leaders and practitioners.