What We Do: Services

For more than 20 years, MAPA Group has researched and practiced discerning and reinforcing synergies between international corporations and the needs of the North American marketplace. MAPA Group leverages the multi-tiered experiences of our partners together with an active and extensive public-private sector relationship network to assist our clients in establishing and growing their businesses in ways that produce commercial results and recognized intrinsic value to society.

  • We have a proven track record – short & long term results for our clients since 1994.
  • We provide creative, sustainable and profitable business opportunities by identifying, developing and executing proprietary strategies and potential partners for our clients both domestically and globally.
  • We invent & launch new business ventures for our clients, mostly in the environmental, energy, manufacturing, local and regional economic development, and information technology fields.
  • We position unique applications for technology insertion and develop technology transfer and commercialization spin-offs.
  • We partner with state, regional, municipal and other forms of local governments to advance our clients’ projects and provide transformative local development strategies and tactics.
  • We maintain an active network of leading advocacy partners in each U.S. state capitol to grow and nurture relationships
  • We work closely inclusively with  community and project stakeholders to build and support innovative, productive and long-term business partnerships.
  • We leverage our strategic business development, communications and messaging skills to chart our clients’ successful expansions in the U.S. marketplace.
  • We develop innovative approaches to widen stakeholder circles, transform traditional industries, and empower local workers.
  • We establish, enhance and preserve boundary-pushing academic/industry & private/public sector partnerships with accompanying, performance-based metrics.