Who We Are

Michael Alden Peck founded MAPA Group over twenty-three years ago in 1994, outlining a recognized triangular business development approach to the “Iberoamerican Marketplace” involving best practice, cross-border commercial opportunities between the Iberian Peninsula (mostly Spain), Latin America, and the United States.  Two decades later, MAPA also specializes in global and domestic for-profit, not-for-profit, and cooperative business development, in communications and branding, in designing and leading policy and technology observatories on specific client-requested issues, building non-profit mission-driven coalitions, creating foundations, and long-term strategic relationships with diverse stakeholders (i.e. connecting those just over-the-horizon dots).  MAPA has integrated a collection of industry and campaign experts who can assist with strategic planning and implementation of transformational business practices as well as “New Economy”, “Local Living Economy”, “Stakeholder & Collaborative Economy”, “Buy America” and “Made in America” strategies.  With deep knowledge of the automotive, aerospace, construction, information and social media technologies, environmental, energy, infrastructure, primary metals, and other manufacturing industries, MAPA bring years of experience in workplace relations, especially in unionized companies and industries, finance of manufacturing companies, and identifying public subsidies for manufacturing companies.

Mission-Driven Non-Profits: MAPA Group is considered a national “thought leader” in democratizing the U.S. economy and works closely with individual U.S. state governments and community and movement leaders on a volunteer basis as well as with leading nationwide advocacy groups on an advisory board level including the Carter Center in Atlanta and the Blue-Green Apollo Alliance (whose sixteen million members include the leading environmental NGOs).  MAPA Group hosts the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) consisting of over 250,000 triple bottom-line (people-planet-profit) U.S. companies and over 325,000 CEOs dedicated to sustainable business practices (Michael Peck serves on the ASBC board).  Harvard Business School published a case study in October 2015 featuring Michael’s role in leading and building out “local living economies” through hybrid worker ownership best practices based on Mondragon cooperative and union solidarity principles & practices.  Michael focuses on conceiving and developing profitable, sustaining, empowering and resilient community reindustrialization stakeholder ecosystems in collaboration with organized Labor, Alternative Labor, the U.S. cooperative community, freelancers, immigration resource centers, underserved communities and next generation private, public, and non-profit networks.  MAPA Group partners help to lead municipal economic development efforts in cities such as Atlanta, Pittsburgh, the Bronx and Brooklyn boroughs in New York City, Cincinnati and elsewhere.

Business Development: MAPA has a long history of assisting leading Spanish and Latin American/Caribbean (LAC) companies in the evaluation, formulation and execution of strategic and tactical business strategies focused on building and anticipating new markets through creative, forward-thinking roadmaps.  During the mid-to-late 1990s, Michael headed up the North America diversification office for the leading Spanish green-power electric utility, Iberdrola, and then was instrumental in bringing the leading Spanish wind turbine manufacturer, Gamesa, to Pennsylvania in 2004.   During the 2006 – 2011 timeframe, Gamesa invested over $220 million in two factories, created 1000 in-state green jobs and was described as a “model U.S. green economy company”.  During the 2006 – 2007 period, Michael participated as a member of the International Advisory Board for La Caixa, Spain’s largest Savings & Loan.  Since 1999, Michael has served as the North American delegate for Mondragon, the world’s largest industrial worker cooperative with USA 2016 sales at the $450 million level.  Also in the U.S., MAPA has assisted the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) in developing its top tier smart grid positioning capacities and stakeholder economic development strategies.  MAPA has assisted with worker cooperative, New Economy, and internationalization connectivity strategies for the U.S. National Cooperative Bank (NCB).

Representation: As a strategic and tactical business development consultancy, MAPA benefits from a twenty-two-year relationship with leading U.S. lobbying firms including one of the top three firms in every single U.S. state capital.  MAPA Group partners serve on large company corporate boards as well as on many smaller innovative start-up boards and mission-driven non-profits.  MAPA Group principals either chair or lead key U.S. state-based organizations such as the United Nation’s CIFAL Atlanta center, the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Georgia Foreign Trade Zone, and interface directly with the nation’s leading U.S. Hispanic chambers of commerce and advocacy groups.  MAPA Group partners have managed national and statewide political campaigns. On a federal level, MAPA Group partners have served in leading roles in past U.S. Administrations and State Governments including executive levels in the U.S. Department of Commerce and Treasury and with the Inter-American Development Bank and as Deputy Attorney General.

MAPA Group has a proven track record of assisting companies in the following fields:

  • Renewable Energy including wind, solar, biomass
  • Technology
  • Environment and Energy Policy
  • Infrastructure: Airports, Transportation, Aeronautics, and Water
  • Local, Municipal, and Regional Economic Development including Building Next Generation Stakeholder Alliances and Purpose-Driven Local Transformation
  • Foundation and not-for-profit start-ups
  • Business Campaigns going from Global to Local and from Local to Global