Economic development promotes democracy, but there’s a catch |

From The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage: “I provide evidence for another. Paradoxically, high economic growth and the high national income it—ultimately—causes have counterposed effects: the first entrenches the dictator, while the second undermines the dictatorship. Vigorous growth—which boosts household incomes and government revenues—enhances the incumbent’s survival odds. Thus, dictators have a personal interest in growth. […]

The Innovation Economy Must Include Everyone | ID8 Nation

MAPA Group Partner Bill Generett wrote about economic inclusiveness for ID8 Nation: Today, a disturbing commonality unites our nation’s high-growth regional economies. African Americans, Latinos and many women are not benefitting from the prosperity created in these economies. This economic disconnect and the resulting economic imbalance has created two separate and different societies around race, […]

Public-Private Partnerships | Center for American Progress

Understanding the Difference Between Procurement and Finance A public-private partnership, or P3, is an alternative approach to infrastructure procurement for large-scale, complex projects that allows a private entity to exercise greater control and decision-making authority than it would be able to under a traditional procurement arrangement. A P3 approach allows the public sector to transfer […]

Integrated Capital for Social Enterprises | Stanford Social Innovation Blog

Don Shaffer of RSF Social Finance writes on the Stanford Social Innovation Review Blog: To build a thriving social enterprise sector, we need to rethink the purpose of capital and employ an integrated capital strategy. Integrated capital is the coordinated and collaborative use of different forms of capital (equity investments, loans, gifts, loan guarantees, and […]

Worker Co-ops Need to Get to Scale? | Rooflines

Article by Steve Dubb on Mondragon, the growing worker coop movement in the U.S. and what’s needed to bring worker cooperatives to scale: “Negotiating the balance between providing outside support and empowering worker-owners to be lead agents in their own success also requires clear communication. ‘The relationships between the developer, the co-op, and any other local partners […]

The Disruption Machine | The New Yorker

Some passages of “The Disruption Machine” by Jill Lepore we found particularly compelling: “…generally, the rhetoric of disruption—a language of panic, fear, asymmetry, and disorder—calls on the rhetoric of another kind of conflict, in which an upstart refuses to play by the established rules of engagement, and blows things up. Don’t think of Toyota taking […]

Achieving a Resilient and Agile Grid | NRECA

MAPA’s Craig Miller has published a new white paper, Achieving a Resilient and Agile Grid, with the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association: The grid is changing in response to new requirements, and also in response to the increasing potential of advanced sensors, controls, and analytics. This paper looks at what a potential future grid could achieve and […]