Where we work: industry focus

Renewable Energy

Renewable EnergyMAPA is not part of the herd. We understood, from the beginning, that energy is the lifeblood of the economy. MAPA identifies future trends and recognizes the importance of bringing technical know-how in renewable energy fields to the United States. We develop long-term partnerships for our clients with states and companies resulting in creative business opportunities, new distribution channels and the development of new manufacturing facilities in the United States.

We currently represent a wide range of leading renewable energy companies. Our expertise in the electric utility industry ranges from regulatory and policy issues to high level contacts who are involved in making and executing development decisions. Our representation spans all aspects of the value chain in renewable energy: OEMs, component manufacturers, developers, investors, utilities and end users. This provides our clients with a unique and differentiating perspective on the marketplace. As per our original charter, MAPA Group only works with one client per application sector.


TechnologyMAPA Group’s technology practice focuses on improving our client’s value in their technology and technology investments. We evaluate emerging technologies and technology opportunities. Working with our clients’ engineers and leadership, we develop a deep understanding of their capabilities and possible applications in the U.S. marketplace. Our keen understanding of particular submarkets, such as infrastructure-related technology, healthcare technology, and environmental technology, provides opportunities upon which we design and execute winning strategies. In addition, our capabilities extend to fundamental engineering where we can suggest alterations of specific products and assist in marketing and sales strategies.

We find appropriate partners in both the private sector and academia, and we assist with M&A/corporate finance if needed to help clients enter new markets. MAPA Group has the skills needed to usher products and companies from concept to market.

Environment and Energy Policy

MAPA Group’s expertise spans environment and energy policy with partners involved in all aspects of policy formation at the state and federal level. Our lengthy involvement in this area provides companies entering the U.S. market with keen understanding of not just “what’s on the books” in terms of current regulations, but also with an understanding of trends that will influence the most effective short- and long-term strategies.

Infrastructure: Airports, Transportation, Aeronautics, and Water

InfrastructureMAPA Group’s infrastructure practice focuses on identifying strategic investments and public-private partnership opportunities for its partners and clients. We have a history of creating partnerships and identifying sources of funding to carry projects from concept to reality, and we are able to effectively overcome obstacles and streamline processes to get proposals approved quickly and efficiently. MAPA either serves as a local partner or identifies suitable ones as its clients bid on potential projects.

Our experience and relationships with public sector entities allow MAPA Group partners to service a number of infrastructure related sectors, including airports, concessions, and logistics. We currently work with a variety of clients and partners that span the industry as we seek opportunities in North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean.