Ailene Thiel Partner

Ailene Thiel is the lead MAPA Group Partner focusing on healthcare products & services. She is an experienced healthcare professional, a truly global worker, with a career that spans four continents. Ailene embarked on her career in healthcare in the UK NHS in the 1990s, when Government reforms defined a new model for the delivery of patient care. She was appointed to the role of Deputy Director of Finance and Information Technology for a major NHS Community Care Trust. In this role, she led the integration of mental health, geriatric, and community-based hospitals, and served as Advisor to the NHS Management Executive in Public Private Partnerships, health information systems, business process redesign, and change management.

Ailene has gained extensive business development experience across Europe, the U.S., Latin America, the Middle East, and Australia. Her career to date includes senior management roles in the pharmaceutical industry, the field of clinical decision support systems, and specialized consultancy in the area of semantic interoperability. As a Director of GlaxoSmithKline, she held roles in the UK, France, and Spain, where she managed an international team developing and taking to market leading-edge disease management tools. Subsequently, as deputy CEO of the Spanish division of United Business Media plc, she led the design and development of electronic prescription and clinical decision support systems. She has further provided consultancy services in the area of semantic interoperability to a wide range of hospitals, primary care organizations, regions, and private healthcare providers. At the Spanish multi-national, Indra, she was key in the development of the Indra Healthcare product portfolio, based on her understanding of the needs of doctors, other healthcare professionals, and hospital and primary care managers. She was instrumental in securing a major contract for the company in Bahrain (Middle East) to implement a fully integrated health information system across primary and secondary care, and led the clinical team charged with defining requirements and blueprints. Subsequently, she headed up the company’s U.S. business development in healthcare in Washington D.C. Ailene is currently based in Madrid, Spain.

Ailene earned a Master of Arts degree in Economics from the University of St. Andrews, where she graduated with Honors. She later completed the UBM Business Leadership Program at the University of Princeton and Cranfield School of Management.

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