Steven C. Dover Partner

With offices in Ottawa, Ontario and Washington DC, Steven C. Dover has managed the government relations needs of a wide range of clients for over 30 years. His work has primarily covered representation and advocacy for international businesses, industry associations and various coalitions with Canadian interests, as well as for several foreign governments in their dealings with Canada.

With expertise in international trade, procurement, customs, security, finance, taxation policy, health as well as infrastructure and construction, clients have benefited from Steven’s significant experience and knowledge in these areas at the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government. He is highly skilled in helping his clients develop relationships with key government stakeholders based on mutual interests and priorities, and uncovering opportunities for business development.

Throughout his career, Steven has cultivated a growing network of partners and affiliates, which includes international associations, lobby groups and government representatives in the US, South America and Asia. Utilizing these international networks of trusted government relations and public affairs professionals, Steven has been able to identify and advance new business opportunities for clients with development and trade interests abroad.

Steven’s knowledge and expertise has been sought after by smaller foreign governments who have had difficulty bringing forward their agendas. His successes working for international governments include: developing a good governance program for the Vietnam; working with the former President of Costa Rica to develop a free trade agreement with Canada; and working with Taiwan’s Ottawa based offices to enhance their position with Canada’s elected Members of Parliament where he facilitated cultural exchanges, parliamentary exchanges, discussions to enhance trade talks with Canada, and successfully obtained diplomatic license plates for travel in Canada.

Steven’s international business practices have secured him the positions as a former Member of the Board and Executive Committee of TAG, Chair of the Global Strategies Group and is also an Associate Member of the American Bar Association.

Steven is a former Chief of Staff, where he served under two different federal ministerial portfolios. Complicated files dealing with the Olympic Games, trade relationships and customs practices came under his purview.

As a guest speaker at AGMs and events in the non-profit sector, Steven makes time to support some of the many worthwhile causes he has gotten to know throughout his career by delivering lectures and workshops on current government relations topics.

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