Cincinnati union co-op Our Harvest grows a national profile from roots in College Hill | WCPO

by Elissa Yancey, WCPO Digital Contributing Environment Editor CINCINNATI – On a main road in College Hill, smack dab in the middle of an urban food desert, sits a quiet, 28-acre farm at the center of a revolution. A freshly built propagation house stands just a hundred yards or so off a four-lane section of North […]

New Legislation Helps Drive the National Cooperative Movement | PR Newswire

WASHINGTON, June 20, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The chief Congressional champion for the national cooperative movement, Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA), has introduced H.R. 2437, the Creating Jobs Through Cooperatives Act. The legislation authorizes $25 million per year through 2017 to create the National Cooperative Development Program within the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. This program will provide assistance in a number of ways […]

Can co-ops remake America’s economy from the ground up? | Marketplace

Federal Reserve policymakers have generally relied on tweaking interest rates as a strategy for jump staring the economy. But in a country where wages adjusted for inflation have been stuck in place for almost a decade, some scholars think the economy needs a more aggressive overhaul. Gar Alperovitz is a political economist and historian. His new book, called “What […]

C-W Interview: Rob Witherell |

Interview of Rob Witherell Representative, United Steelworkers (USW) Interviewed by Steve Dubb, Research Director, The Democracy Collaborative, March 2013 Rob Witherell works for the United Steelworkers union at its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition to working on contract negotiations, benefits analysis, research and organizing, Robhas also led the United Steelworkers’ efforts on developing union co-ops and is the […]

CUNY Law Community Economic Development Clinic Partners with Mondragon Corporation on Union Coops | CUNY School of Law

New York, NY – The City University of New York School of Law’s Community Economic Development (CED) Clinic has launched a new partnership with the Mondragon Cooperatives, the largest worker-owned cooperative in the world. Under the new partnership, the CED Clinic, in collaboration with Pennsylvania-based Regional Housing Legal Services, will help launch the Pittsburgh Clean […]

Can Co-ops Save Unions? | In These Times

Labor-cooperative partnerships may herald a new strategy for labor–if they can get off the ground. BY REBECCA BURNS What has 18 owners, no bosses and high hopes for fostering workplace democracy in America? New Era Windows LLC, a worker-owned cooperative formed last year by members of United Electrical Workers (UE) Local 1110. After occupying their […]

Growing the Wealth | Center for American Progress Report

How Government Encourages Broad-Based Inclusive Capitalism By David Madland and Karla Walter American companies use a variety of financial incentives, from broad-based profit sharing and stock options to worker cooperatives and employee stock ownership plans, to reward their employees with a portion of the wealth those workers help generate. This kind of compensation goes well […]

The corporate ‘predator state’ | The Washington Post

By Katrina vanden Heuvel Bipartisan agreement in Washington usually means citizens should hold on to their wallets or get ready for another threat to peace. In today’s politics, the bipartisan center usually applauds when entrenched interests and big money speak. Beneath all the partisan bickering, bipartisan majorities are solid for a trade policy run by […]

Meet the New Left: Small-Business Owners | The Nation

By William Greider A promising new force is finding its voice in progressive politics, though it is still widely ignored or misunderstood. These overlooked progressives are small-business owners and entrepreneurs who are not usually confused with left-wing activists. It does seem improbable: roughly half of small-business people are Republicans, only a third or so identify […]

More US unions are now running their own businesses | MSNBC

by Ned Resnikoff A handful of American unions aren’t content to just negotiate with the boss—instead, they’re cutting the boss out of the equation entirely. For example, the United Steelworkers union (USW) is starting a handful of co-ops across the rust belt in collaboration with the Basque Mondragon Corporation; a sprawling federation of cooperative businesses, […]