Mondragon and National Cooperative Bank Partner in Growing Domestic Worker-Owned Cooperatives

For Release: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 Laboral Kutxa (the Mondragon Bank) and National Cooperative Bank (NCB) to Partner in Growing Domestic Worker-Owned Cooperatives  NCB & Laboral Kutxa Form Precedent-Setting USA Collaboration Memorandum of Understanding Signed on Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 The world’s largest industrial, worker-owned and run cooperative, Mondragon, founded in the Basque region of Spain over […]

The corporate ‘predator state’ | The Washington Post

By Katrina vanden Heuvel Bipartisan agreement in Washington usually means citizens should hold on to their wallets or get ready for another threat to peace. In today’s politics, the bipartisan center usually applauds when entrenched interests and big money speak. Beneath all the partisan bickering, bipartisan majorities are solid for a trade policy run by […]

Meet the New Left: Small-Business Owners | The Nation

By William Greider A promising new force is finding its voice in progressive politics, though it is still widely ignored or misunderstood. These overlooked progressives are small-business owners and entrepreneurs who are not usually confused with left-wing activists. It does seem improbable: roughly half of small-business people are Republicans, only a third or so identify […]

Pivoting a City: Can Startups Help More Than Themselves? | The Atlantic

by Alexis Madrigal Pittsburgh has proven fertile soil for new companies, but the startup mentality may meet its match in a real town’s legacy problems.  Pittsburgh is a great place to investigate the possibilities of a start-up led urban resurgence because of all the cities between the coast and Chicago, it’s the one that’s farthest along […]