MONDRAGON Corporation opens a period of reflection to plan its future

Txema Gisasola has resigned as President of the General Council, for personal reasons. The basic characteristics of the future MONDRAGON model will be outlined during this period. The new President of the General Council will be appointed once the establishment of the new framework project for MONDRAGON has come to an end. Mondragón, 17 January […]

Statement issued by EROSKI on the MOU in relation to its AFS | EROSKI

Statement issued by EROSKI (a Mondragon coop) on the memorandum of understanding in relation to its AFS, presented by Kontsumobide (the Basque Consumer Affairs Institute) EROSKI wishes to report its positive assessment of the mediation process brokered by Kontsumobide  (the Basque Consumer Affairs Institute) involving EROSKI (issuer), financial institutions (retailers) and several Consumer Associations acting […]

Lagun-Aro EPSV’S General Assembly agrees to improve early retirement benefits and the employment aid fund

Note: Lagun-Aro is the social security mutual of Mondragon, one of the three original Mondragon institutional pillars along with the university (Mondragon University) and the bank (Laboral Kutza).  Lagun-Aro EPSV’s General Assembly today approved an increase in early retirement benefits and greater financing for the Employment Aid Fund, as a speedy response to extra commitments […]

Supporters of workers cooperatives flesh out plans for Reading | Reading Eagle

By Don Spatz Reading,PA —  Reading could get its first workers cooperative next year in its push to foster an alternative business model that competes with Wall Street. The co-op would be an employee-owned firm composed mostly of apprentices being trained in building demolition, deconstruction (razing all or some of a building, but reusing its […]

215 members of Fagor Electrodomésticos already relocated in other MONDRAGON cooperatives

215 members of Fagor Electrodomésticos already relocated in other MONDRAGON cooperatives. 500 more relocations to other group cooperatives forecast over the next six months. The group of candidates for early retirement based on Lagun-Aro EPSV regulations rises to 300 people. To date, 215 members of Fagor Electrodomésticos are already working in other cooperatives in the […]

Financial Crisis at Fagor Electrodomésticos Vs. “Building development capacities” Cooperative Model

One, if not the most important, concern of the Club of Rome is to pay attention to fractal issues that may anticipate a change in our social and economic future. From this perspective, we have closely followed the evolution of the Mondragon (MCC) cooperative experience as a benchmark for another way of doing business and […]

When the Right Ones Get It Wrong

The Mondragon Cooperative Group (“Humanity At Work” through Cooperation, Participation, Social Responsibility and Innovation, headquartered in the Basque region between Spain and France) is ranked as the world’s largest worker-owned industrial cooperative group but also as the top Basque industrial group, tenth in Spain with 80,000 personnel, a presence in 70 countries, and winner of […]

Corporate & Capitalist Transition & Transformation Models

Paper submitted by Michael Peck (Mondragon USA), Steve Dubb (The Democracy Collaborative, University of Maryland), and Rob Witherell (United Steelworkers Union) for the “Corporations in a Great Transition: Visions, Models, and Pathways for Transformation” event hosted by the Tellus Institute & MIT Sloan School of Management, in Boston on October 31st & November 1st, 2013. Capitalism […]