MONDRAGON Corporation, winner at the Boldness in Business awards organized by the Financial Times

In the Drivers of Change category. In competition with six other companies from all over the world selected by the jury of the prestigious awards organized by the Financial Times and Arcelor Mittal. MONDRAGON Corporation has won the Drivers of Change category at the Boldness in Business awards, organized on an annual basis by the […]

More US unions are now running their own businesses | MSNBC

by Ned Resnikoff A handful of American unions aren’t content to just negotiate with the boss—instead, they’re cutting the boss out of the equation entirely. For example, the United Steelworkers union (USW) is starting a handful of co-ops across the rust belt in collaboration with the Basque Mondragon Corporation; a sprawling federation of cooperative businesses, […]

Mondragon: Spain’s giant co-operative where times are hard but few go bust | The Guardian

by Giles Tremlett José María Ormaetxea is the co-founder of Spain’s seventh biggest industrial group, but he potters around Mondragon in a Ford Fiesta and lives in an ordinary flat in this industrial town tucked into a valley in the country’s northern Basque region. “Imagine how rich he could have been if he had founded […]

Why Unions Are Going Into the Co-op Business | Yes! Magazine

The steelworkers deal that could turn the rust belt green. by Amy Dean “Too often we have seen Wall Street hollow out companies by draining their cash and assets and hollow out communities by shedding jobs and shuttering plants,” said United Steelworkers (USW) President Leo Gerard in 2009. “We need a new business model that […]

Learn More About Mondragon

Review the following links to learn more about Mongradon: Introduction to the Mondragon Corporation: Video Presentation Who Are We Our Management model Structure & Sectors Most Relevant Data, 2011 (We “close” the year on 31st March, so all the consolidated results for 2012 will be published by June 2013.) Corporate Profile Annual Report Cooperativisim Experience Co-operatives […]

Spanish co-op might point the way forward for workers in America | MSNBC

by Ned Resnikoff Believe it or not, worker-owned businesses are on the rise in the United States. In a time of high unemployment and low wages, majority-worker owned companies and cooperatives have been quietly growing across the country. The Guardian’s Moira Herbst offers up a few prominent examples: a Minnesota grocery chain proprietor who left […]

Building the New American Ownership Society from the Middle…Out

Now that the elections are over and before the nation’s fiscal cliff becomes a roadrunner cartoon without a happy ending, how can “all the king’s horses and all the king’s men” with more elected women reformat, reinvent and re-glue Humpty Dumpty America back together again? In fact, today’s transformational issue transfixing our immediate attention is […]

Running In The Deep – A Tale of Two Cities

Two of the hardest lessons to assimilate leading up to America’s 2012 national elections include the unchallenged devastation from extreme weather fall-out and credible domestic job creation economics by fully globalized industries such as automotive production. The first lesson is being re-learned in excruciating real-time (160 lives lost, $60 billion in damages, and counting) by […]

The Shared Prosperity Election

Voting to preserve morally stale, unproductive and oligarchy self-serving economic inequalities will only reinforce the trickle-down public versus trickle-down private sector thematic impedance mismatch. This, in turn, will exacerbate opportunistic tendencies within those who jump to capitalize on so-called electoral mandates to entertain even more disingenuous comparisons between inherent incongruities. Economic statistics prove in jobs […]

Mondragon International’s “Multi-Localization” Study | Presented to London School of Economics

As a practicing modern manufacturing antidote, Mondragon, a closely studied and emulated global “doing well by doing good” industrial worker cooperative multinational with a 55-year track record, has released a new “multi-localization” analysis that turns traditional zero-sum outsourcing and off-shoring practices on their nefarious heads. The Mondragon international “multi-localization” model built on Mondragon’s respected “one […]